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    One cannot fully understand the origin of Hsiangshan Primary School without mentioning Mr. Chen Yun-Ru. Mr. Chen was born in the late years of the Ching Dynasty. He was well known throughout Hsiangshan area for his contribution to the public welfare.

    In June of 1909 he donated his private villa to serve as a site for New-Pu Public School. That’s the very beginning of the story about Hsiangshan Primary School.



Jun 20,1909  New-Pu Public School was founded.

Apr l,1917  The school building was constructed.

Apr 30,1918  Yen-Shui Branch School was established.

Apr 1,1919  The branch was moved into Hsinchu school buildings.

Apr 25,1921  The name of the school was changed into Hsiangshan Public School.

Apr 1,1928  Yen-Shui Branch School separated to become Yen-Shui Public School,now known as Nei-Hu Primary School.

Apr 6,1931  Affiliated Hsiangshan Fundamental Learning Classroom was set up

Apr 16,1931  Fundamental learning classroom became oriented as an agriculture school.

Apr 27,1935  Aboriginal Tribes Friendship Group was set up.

Oct 1,1941  The School was renamed Hsinchu City Hsiangshan Primary School.

Apr 1,1943  High School Division was included.

Dec 1,1945  The School was renamed Hsinchu County Hsiangshan Primary School after the recovery of Taiwan from Japanese occupation. Mr. Chuang Chin-Shui was appointed the first principal.

Feb 1,1946  The school was renamed Hsinchu City the sixth Fundamental School.

Feb 15,1946  Mr. Yang Ting-Yu succeeded as the second principal.

Mar 1,1947  The school was renamed Hsinchu City Hsiangshan District Hsiangshan Fundamental School.

Aug 1,1947  The High School Division was terminated.

Oct 25,1950  The school was renamed Hsinchu City Hiangshan Township Hsiangshan Fundamental School.

Apr 15,1953  Mr. Chen Pan-Hui succeeded as the third principal.

Aug 1,1968   The same year the Nine-Year Compulsory Education was enforced , the name of the school was changed into Hsinchu County Hiangshan Primary School.

Sep 1,1973   Mr. Tsai Kiang-Po succeeded as the fourth principal.

Mar 19,1979  Mr. Su Hung-Sheng succeeded as the fifth principal.

July 1,1982   Hsinchu City was elevated to the status directly under the jurisdiction of the Province Government , and hence the name of the school was changed to Hsinchu Manicipal Hsiangshan Primary School.

Aug 5,1986   Mr. Chiang Tien-Wang succeeded as the sixth principal.

Aug 31,1987  Mr. Lai Hsing-Fu succeeded as the seventh principal.

Aug 6,1993   Mr. Fu Yun-Feng succeeded as the eighth principal.

Aug 1,2001   Mr. Chuang Chung-Ho was elected as the tenth principal.

Aug1,2009   Mr. Hsu Ching-Kung was elected as the eleventh principal.

Feb9,2010   The auditorium was reconstructed.

Nov6,2010   School celebrated its one hundred years anniversary.


The Story of Hsiangshan

Hsiangshan area is one with rich cultural history, and due to the efforts of its founding pioneers, many relics still remain as proof of this.

    Hsiangshan Primary School was already in existence before the R.O.C government was formed, so people cannot help but praise “what a historic school it is! ” when they know the history of this school.

The Man who Founded Hiangshan Primary School ----Mr. Chen Yun-Ru

    Hsiangshan Primary School was founded on June 10th, 1910 , when Mr. Chen Yun-Ru donated his villa to be the school house.

    At that time it was named New-Pu Public School after the village in which it was located. The school campus covered an area of 3000 square meters which contained many shelters, tablets, lamp posts, stools, tables and all sorts of sculptures, all made of stone. There are also many beautiful gardens, ponds and artificial rocks.

I Love Hsiangshan

Have you ever heard of Hsiangshan ? Maybe not yet,but I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this place once you discover this land.

       Although without modern department stores and crowded streets, Hsiangshan is still the warmest hometown in our minds.
The Origins of the Name “Hsiangshan”

 Some say that in the period of Cheng Cheng-Kung, Chuchian aborigines (Doska) used to live here, so the name “Fan-Shan” was given to this land. (In Madarin, “Shan” refers to mountain, and “Fan “means savages, conveying a degree of discrimination toward the aborigines.) However later on, since an increasingly large number of Han Chinese settlers migrated here and the aborigines began to dwindle in number , the elegant term “Hsiangshan” was thus adopted to replace the vulgar one “Fan-Shan”.

    Another story says that this place hadn’t had any name until Han Chinese settlers migrated here on a large scale. They started to call it Hsiangshan  (In Chinese,”Hsiang” means fragrant and “Shan” means mountain) because on their arrival many fragrant charming flowers and grass were growing everywhere in the fields and all over the hills.

Let's Scatter Our Love !

    Geographically, Hsinchu is divided into three parts: East District, North District and Hsiangshan District. With the East District as well as Pao-Shan Village to the east, the Taiwan Strait to the west, Chunan Town to the south, and the north District to the north, Hsiangshan District lies in the southwestern part of Hsinchu City, as an important transportation hub for travel to South Taiwan.   

School Emblem

    What’s your impression of the sun? The sun awakens people from their sleep every morning, enabling them to energetically confront their everyday work. It’s regarded as the most diligent always going on duty on time without complaining. Therefore, the sun is used to symbolize Hsiangshan residents’deligence, optimism, energy as well as courage. Hsiangshan is like the hometown of the sun. And the school is pushed forward by the power of the sun to strive for a better tomorrow.

The Environment in Hsiangshan Primary School

     Hsiangshan Primary School is seated in the administrative center of Hsiangshan District, as the most historic school in the district and the third oldest in Hsinchu City. In a rapidly changing society, having failed to meet the demands of teaching, the original school buildings were reconstructed in 1999 under the government scheme. Since then, it has become a modern facilitied school, as if it were a kid’s castle in the fairy tales. Whenever you enter our school, you’ll be attracted to the atomosphere of joy.

The Characteristics of the School

    Owing to its elegant environment and pure atomsphere, the students in Hsiangshan Primary School are both naive and sincere.

   Hsiangshan has been well known for the kicking shuttlecock, since 1974 when a team was organized to promote the athletic activity. On behalf of our school, it won a lot of awards in many different contests all over Taiwan.

    In 1995, a Beiguan (North winds) Folk Music Troupe was formed, whose members were chosen from the fourth, fifth and sixth graders with great interest in music. In addition to traditional Beiguan tunes, some folk songs were also used to motivate the students’ learning since its establishment. Not only has the Beiguan Folk Music Troupe helped promote the cultural enterprise of the community, but it has also strengthened the students’ competence to inherit Taiwanese native art, furthermore it has even helped the students cultivate an affection toward their hometown and motherland.

    Of note in the athletics department are our girls’ handball and boys’ baseball teams. A great amount of efforts has always been placed in girls’ handball, which has represented Taiwan, and made many great achievements in tournaments both here and abroad. Our baseball team has also enjoyed many past successes, once placing the 7th in the National Tournament, and representing Hsinchu in the “Golden Dragon Flag Cup”.

    As for our music department, the main focus has always been on our recorder and choir programs.

    Hsiangshan’s students are truly lucky to be in such a diverse learning environment. Let us all hope for an even more prosperous Xiang-Shan Primary School in the future!

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